Tuesday, December 23, 2008


just got back from the grocery store and 2 hours and $400 later im through shopping until next year!!!! now i can just relax and enjoy my family and thats exactly what i plan to do!!!


Liz said...

$400! That sounds like it was fun! I've done some marathon shopping in the past and somewhere between the first hour and the first $200 I just kinds lose my mind!

Lori Hurst said...

I'm afraid of the grocery store. Gary is going to brave it for me tomorrow. Hopefully he won't have to take hours!

Laura said...

I'm going tomorrow morning. I always have to go to the grocery the day before I can't go. Does that makes sense? I'm going tomorrow because the grocery will be closed on Christmas. I go to the grocery on Saturday because I can't go on Sunday. I feel like if I don't go the day before I can't, I will surely forget something.

That was very long and convoluted.

What it really means is that I will be at the grocery tomorrow!