Tuesday, December 9, 2008


1- embarassing moment- mine has to do with a restroom too, kenzee! we stopped at a convience store in vernal and the restroom was a unisex one. the door wasnt locked and so i opened it. a man was standing there going to the restroom. he didnt have his pants down and had his back to me but i still wanted to crawl into a hole and die. i turned around and another guy was looking at me. i said "i didnt see anything!". he said "you didnt miss anything!" i guess he was the other guys friend.
2-best friends- my 2 best friends would have to be marcelia and evelyn. marcelia and i have been friends since grade school. she lives in lubbock so we only see each other every few years but when we do its just like always. evelyn was the first person i met when we moved to houston. we used to be neighbors. we dont see each other much now since we arent neighbors anymore and she works full time but we still get together every once and awhile.
3-things i buy regularly- clothes (including shoes, purses, and jewelry), decorating stuff, and craft stuff
4-places i want to go- scandanavia, japan, niagara falls, and on a cruise with just steve
5-goals for the upcoming year- make friends, make and send birthday cards to all family members, organize craft room, take classes, and lose weight
6-things most people dont know about me- i once lived in iran, i am bipolar, i have ocd, i have an anxiety disorder, i have been in a psychiatric hospital 2 times for a few days and i have visited quite a few countries
7-things i would never say- i dont believe in God, i dont love my family, i am a democrat, i dont love my country, i am not a texan, i am not a longhorn fan, and i dont like to eat
8-things i love about the christmas season- being with family, the christmas spirit, christmas music, christmas decorations, christmas lights, wrapping presents, food, and making christmas crafts
9-things i say to my kid(s-)i love you, you are turning into me, well...., just wait til you have kids, we are just going to have to agree to disagree (natalie), i get scared when i go into your room (emily), i love your laughter (megan), you didnt get your organizational skills from me (mandy), and dont tell your dad
10-things i do a lot- sleep, shop, eat, watch tv, talk about my grandbabies, computing (including email, ebay, facebook, and the internet), crossword puzzles, read, crafts, and decorating 11-things i would rather not live without- tv, computer, restaurants, stores, crossword puzzles, books, my bed, crafts, microwave, decorating, and my house
12-people i tag- laura clutter, lori hurst, liz pabst, jennifer ruggles, leslie colbert, alisha oldroyd, laressie mason, april williams, emily beck, randi ostler, erin sheppard, and sarah decamps


Kenzee Jo said...

hahaha...bathroom situations are pretty embarrassing :]

Leslie said...

thanks for the tag...guess you can look for my 12 days soon.

Lori Hurst said...

I will be thinking - will get on sometime soon. Have been down in bed for the day.

Laura said...

I'm working on it - it's harder than it looks!

Carol Beck said...

not as hard as the letter one i got from you!!!

Those Dandy Dillards said...

I loved reading about your goals and travel ambitions. Cool!

Laura said...

Carol, this comment is about the letter list I gave to you back in November. For some reason I totally missed that you had done the post about it! I just went back and found it, and I have to say good job!! It is hard to come up with 10 things that start with the same letter, but you did a great job!