Monday, December 22, 2008


i am a zoombie this morning!!!! i dont know if it has something to do with the fact that i stayed up almost all night saturday night or that i was too tired to take my pills last night before i went to bed.( i deal out my pills for the whole week on sunday and i couldnt bear the thought of having to do that last night). i could hardly keep my eyes open past 7pm. i finally went to bed around 9pm. i cant believe i made it that long! i wouldnt have if it wouldnt have been for steve. i wasnt really ready to wake up when i got up. id love to go back to bed but i have so much to do! the kids will start coming on wednesday! i still have to go to the grocery store. i have laundry to do. i have a drs appointment tommorrow. (i knew that was a bad idea when i made the appointment and did it anyway!) thank goodness i dont have to clean the house! the maid is coming tommorrow but i do have to starighten up a room where i have been dumping and throwing everything so that she will be able to clean it and we will be able to use it when the kids come. (there is a bed in there) im starting to feel overwhelmed just writing about it!! guess that means i need to stop stalling and just get busy!!

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