Tuesday, December 2, 2008


megan and travis left yesterday. everybodys gone now and its so quite around here. no laughing (i do miss your laughing meggie), no talking, no games, no football games (although i think we had enough of those to last for quite a while!),no excitement of any kind. just me and the cats! i dont even feel like watching my soap operas! now thats bad!! ive got plenty to do. catching up on the washing, putting all the thanksgiving decorations back in the attic, catching up on the dishes, and etc. but who feels like doing any of that!! (dont worry im doing it anyway) i slept a lot today! dont tell dad! (thats what i used to always tell my girls when i didnt want him to know something and then i would always be the first one to tell him. hey! at least im honest!) the longer they stay the harder it is to let them go! now dont get the idea that i dont want you girls to come because i love it more then just about anything in the world and the longer you stay the better!!! ill gladly endure the blues to get the chance to see you!!!! its SO worth it! and those grandbabies! i could NEVER see enough of them! cant wait to have a million more!!!! get with it girls!!! im starting to feel better all ready just thinking about how fun christmas is going to be and all the years ahead of holidays with my children and grandbabies to come!!! now thats the spirit! i told you i love december even if i do get stressed 0ut getting ready for christmas its always worth it in the end!!! i love christmas and the christmas spirit!!!

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Laura said...

My house still has two teenage boys living in it, so it's not so quiet. But I do know what you mean - while they are at school during the day, it's quiet. And sometimes I don't feel like doing anything either! My MIL is here for 2 more weeks, so I still have company, but it's much quieter than it was when there were 18 of us here! I miss the bedlam!