Monday, December 22, 2008


i was watching the today show this morning and they said that if you can think of 3 things you like about yourself you will feel better about yourself and you will respond better to others. this is going to be hard but ill give it a try:
1. i am creative
2.i am sympathetic (especially to children and old people. they are so defenseless!)
3.i am loyal
4.i am honest
5.i love my family very much
6.i am determined (if i start something i dont want to stop until its finished. my problem is getting started but once im started watch out!)
7.i am patriotic
8.i love God (i dont always do the things he wants me to though! i really need to work on that!)
9.i am personable. i talk to strangers all the time!
10.i am respectful of others and things
it wasnt as hard as i thought amazingly!! i decided if 3 is good them 10 has to be better! the story of my life!~the rest of my family's motto is "less is better" probably because they are so sick of my "more is better" motto! i hope this whole thing doesnt make me sound egotistical because if theres anything i dont like its a person who is full of themselves!!! i tend to be more down on my self! like ive said before i have poor self esteem. ill let you know if i think of some more. this is a very introspective thing to do and sounds like one of those things a therapist would have you do. i should know. i went to one for 5 years! (probably should be going to one now according to my social worker grad student daughter natalie- although she leaves off the probably!)

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