Monday, December 29, 2008


travis and megan got here this afternoon so well have a week of fun with them now! this christmas thing is lasting for a long time this year and i love it! the grandbabies have to go home tommorrow but i have loved every minute of having them here!!! i will hate to see them go as usual! we have been to the mall the last 3 days! everyday since christmas! thats what my girls and i do when we get together! shop! like mother like daughters! i do the same thing when i get together with my sisters so i guess its a generational thing! the men are still playing wii and the women too when we are home. steve has bought 2 new wii games already! we arent gone shopping that much of the time like it sounds. actually the men went with us 2 of the days. they just went to different stores of course. if i never have to go into another computer store it will be too soon! not that i dont like computers its just that i dont like shopping for them and their stuff. i also hate going to home depot although i always seem to find things that i like there. its just the thought of going to a home improvement store that gets to me. gotta go get some sleep. im getting up with gabby in the morning so her parents can sleep in. they have a long drive ahead of them back to dallas tommorrow! also thay wanted to stay up tonight and spend as much time with megan and travis as possible.

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Laura said...

It sounds like you have had a wonderful Christmas, which is going to extend for another week. Enjoy!

I, sadly, have done no after Christmas shopping - except to the grocery. How tragic is that?