Wednesday, December 10, 2008


you know how i said i would believe we were having snow when i saw it? well i believe it now! we did have snow today even if it was very wet and it melted before it hit the ground. you gotta take what you can get in texas!!! i went and bought our christmas tree tonight finally while steve was at church. steve said he wanted a BIG one this year. i got one that is about 10 feet tall! it was the biggest one they had and its the biggest one weve ever had. im not going to tell you how much it cost because i just about died when i saw the price. i kept asking the guy who worked there if that was the right price and if they gave discounts! luckily i had talked to steve on the phone and told him how much it was going to cost before i bought it or he would have probably had a cow!!! he said he wanted a BIG tree so he had to pay the price! its going to be SO beautiful when its all decorated!!! we probably wont have enough lights or decorations for it! i love making decorations anyway so i will have to get busy. emily has made a few already. i think we might leave it up until new years this year since we got it so late and megan and travis arent going to be here until after christmas and we are going to have a new years eve party so i want to have the decorations up for that. i want to TRY to get our moneys worth out of it although i dont think that is possible. it smells so good in here with the tree and the cinamon scented pinecones and the nutmeg studded tangerines!!! weve had a fake tree for quite a few years and thats what i always miss with a fake tree- the smell! i never missed the pine needles everywhere though but we have a wood floor where the tree is so maybe it wont be so bad as it was when they got stuck in the carpet! also the fake tree was prelit so steve will have his old job back of putting the lights on the tree. hell probably try to pawn it off on somebody else! now lets see......just get the tree decorated, decorate the outside of the house, finish decorating the inside of the house, finish buying a couple more presents, wrap the presents, get the stuff for the stockings, make the christmas cards, address the christmas cards, order the pics of the grandbabies for the christmas cards, mail the christmas cards, ..............and the list goes on and on and on!!! you get one thing done and there are about a million more to go! oh well, i just always remember that it always gets done by christmas day somehow! tommorrrow i am going to austin for the keep austin bizzare/bazaar (a take off on keep austin weird, in case you dont know austin). im driving there tommorrow night and spending the night with natalie and then we will get up friday morning and hit the bazaar! it should be a lot of fun! i will come back friday because i have SO much christmas stuff to do here this weekend with steve!


Lori Hurst said...

Your list of things you need to do makes me tired!

Carol Beck said...

ME TOO!!!!!