Sunday, December 14, 2008


ever since i first saw the jim carey version of THE GRINCH i am in love with the grinch!!! i love watching the movie over and over. (there arent a lot of movies i like to watch numerous times) there are so many little comments that he makes that you forget about and can love again over and over. jim carey is a genious of comedy and a fellow bipolar person. i say that he doesnt take his meds before he does a movie. he definitely acts very manic in them!! i wish i could make as much money as he does by just acting manic!!! i love everything grinch too! i dont have a lot of them but i do like them. (its a wonder i dont have a collection of them!) i have some grinch pj pants. another christmas comedy that i really like is ELF. these two are definitely must watches every year. on a more serious note....we always watch ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE every year too. this was steves moms favorite christmas movie and she couldnt believe it when we said we had never watched it. whenever we did it became an annual thing. the santa claus one with tim allen is pretty good too. there is a santa clause one with dudley moore that i like too. i especially like the part where they show the north pole and santas workshop.

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