Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i went back to bed at 5pm and didnt get up. now im wide awake! i looked at the clock and couldnt believe its was only 12:15am!!!!! i have a headache too and thats very unusual for me. this is my second day without my mood stabilizer because i called in the refill and the dumb dr. hasnt called back the approval yet!! usually he calls it back right away and thats why i dont worry about calling it in so close to being out. guess ill have to change that!! now what should i do for the rest of the night i ask? i could go back to bed but i dont think theres anyway i could sleep. i could do all the things i didnt do while i was sleeping yesterday. thats the one i choose! ha! ha! yea right!!! i could go to katy and get the prescription if the dr, has called it in yet! probably not a good idea. so what do i do? blog all night? i could never think of that much stuff to say although i could probably come pretty close. yall would get very bored reading it though. my headache is better now that im up. pretty soon steve will probably wake up and try to make me come back to bed. for now im just drinking my eggnog and trying to figure it out.


Jennifer said...

Sorry about the withdrawal symptoms ;( I'm up because I drank a tanker truck full of caffeine today. And I do have young kids, but they are the kind that will nap and let me lay around. At least they don't know any different than a mom with bipolar, and kids are really flexible and accepting. I tell myself that all the time. Keep hanging in there. I'm going to either read or play computer games for the next couple of hours.

Carol Beck said...

been there done that with the caffeine!