Monday, December 22, 2008


im going to try to do lauras christmas tag #21:
1.jim carey-he may be the funniest man alive and i think he certainly would liven up a party! maybe we could get him to do some quotes from the grinch movie!
2.mannaheim steamroller-id get them to play some christmas music for us! it would be nice background music while everyone is talking!
3.vince gill-id have him come and sing some christmas carols for us. he has such a beautiful voice and it lends itself well to that kind of music! dad-he isnt alive anymore but he loved christmas SO much that i would want him to be there! i sure do miss him especially at christmas time! i think christmas and babies were his 2 favorite things! you gotta love a man like that!
5.the fort bend boys choir-i know they are singers too but we need a lot of music and ive heard them a couple of times and they do such a good job!
6.jack canfield and mark victor hansen (the guys who wrote chicken soup for the soul for christmas and all the other chicken soup for the soul books)-they could tell us some heartwarming stories about christmas!
7.our whole extended family on both sides (steves and mine)-it would take a huge place but it would be an awesome group! its not very often that we get all of either side of the family together and weve never had all of both together at once. it would be insane but in a good way! bush-i may be the last george bush supporter in america but i feel so bad for the way people are talking about him! he has not been a bad president in my opinion and even if you dont agree with my opinion he still deserves respect because he is the president of the united states!! (im stepping down off my soap box now!) id invite him so i could tell him how much i appreciate what hes done for our country and wish him a merry christmas and a happy new year (after he gets out of office because i dont think it can be happy until he does). id also invite other people who feel the same way i do about him if i could find any! he could bring laura and his parents too! i love them as well! theyre all just good people! best friends evelyn and marcelia-these two have been friends of mine for years! (marcelia since grade school and evelyn since we moved to the houston area). we dont get to see each other that often so this would be a good time for us to get together!
cant think of anymore right now and its getting late.
10.martha stewart-i really dont like martha stewart because she is a criminal but i need somebody to do the food and decorating. i think she could do it without costing me an arm and a leg too! i guess she could stay for the party too because you are supposed to be nice to people even if you dont like them!
i could probably think of more but its getting late and i guess i should go to bed and try to get some sleep. tommorrow will be another busy day since it is the last one before everybody starts coming for christmas!

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