Saturday, December 20, 2008

i didnt even realize how late it was!! its not a caffeine thing either!!! i guess i should go to bed and try to get some sleep but i just hate laying awake in bed. i always go to sleep eventually but the in between is awful!! i was up until 3am last night also. (i guess it really was this morning except now its really tommorrow morning......). i dont like laying in bed in the mornings either after ive been woke up. i would go back to sleep eventually then too but i dont like that laying awake feeling then either. it sure used to never bother me! i would sleep til at least 9 or 10 even if i had been woke up. steve likes it when i get up before he goes to work too. last winter when i would get up early enough we would go in the hot tub in the mornings. also if i get up early enough i can see the deer sometimes!! i really love seeing the deer!! sometimes we see them at night too but not as often as in the mornings. we only go in the hot tub when its cold outside so we havent been in it too much this year! who wants to go sit in a hot tub when its hot outside all around you? it helps my arthirits when i go in the hot tub too. i really could use some of that hot water whirlpool treatment right now on my knee!! anytime any of you want to come over and join me come on over! (if its cold outside that is). disclaimer:this invitation is only for people i know. i dont want any perverts showing up over here!!!

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Carol Beck said...

so i forgot to put a title!!! its late ok?